The phone:0635-7132221
Zip code:252600
Address:Shandong linqing city east waihuan south west side of the first

Corporate mission:Can the new gas is committed to creating high quality public services,Become a customer trust、Social respect、Units with brand influence。For the 21st century to promote the quality of life of people's life quality and conscientious。
The goal of enterprise:Created a new brand,To create elite team,Realize leap-forward development。
Service tenet:Resource sharing,Create satisfaction,The good faith innovation,Warm service。
Work ethic:Director-general,Proud of,Acceptance,Endeavour。
The spirit of enterprise:Be responsible for,The collaboration,Learning,Innovation。

    Gas emergency preparedness(The illustration)
    Company to carry out the long distance pipeline safety check
    New to the gas company2014In the middle of work summarizes the general assembly
    Held the ideology education activity in the first stage study and arrange the meeting in the second stage
    New gas company hold the speech contest
    2014In the second half of the focus
    For new energy group co., LTD. Was set up
    To meet the Mid-Autumn festival,The celebration of National Day
    Collecting money for the disaster area
    Car with gas
    The construction site
    The construction site
    Gas detection
    Can the new gas group set up staff warm welcome the guests before the ceremony
    Shandong holy bond academy for linqing painting can new gas to write